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When asked to participate in 'The Wandering Library Project' I recalled witnessing a debate between a writer, psychologist and scientist over how dreams occur.

"The brain contains several acetylcholine pathways that bombard the brain shell with nerve stimuli. The axons of these neurons form a part of the reticular activating system. They project to several regions of the forebrain, and to several brain stem regions involved with visual functions. The generation of internal signals by the brain stem, internal bursts of activity, randomly activate the recall of certain memories and produce corresponding perception. It is likely that a baby's dreams, perhaps even in the embryonic stage, are built from a myriad of sensory sensations that were aroused in the same manner."

- Prof. Perez Lavie, 'The Endless Search' by Zvi Yanay. (Many thanks to the anonymous translator from Hebrew who responded to my e-mail.)

This scientific approach to dream analysis inspired the 'Dreamtime' project. 'Dreamtime' visually simulates the 'wandering signals' concept by employing Hebrew and English text and images on transparent print. The text appears in full at the end -- a hint to the 'solution' we sometimes feel when recalling a dream.

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